Hail Caesar, those about to die salute you

Web 2 assessment is tomorrow and I have been avoiding you. (The Web sees all. It knows where you are and what you do on the computer.) Welcome the Age of Acquarius! So anyway I’ll have to login to Betsey ( the university server that likes to have time out) and show that I have learnt something worthy of more than a pass. This course has certainly broadened my comprehension of the breadth and depth, and interactivity of the Web. It has certainly pushed my boundaries way out of their comfort zone.

I am not someone who wants to spend time working on a computer when I could be doing my major work, in the wood workshoop, where we have an enormous work load . I know that is a lame excuse but… and it goes without saying that I’ll continue to use the web, as will we all, so any experience is a premium.


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It’s the final countdown

Well readers, the time is coming that I have to prepare for assessment. ‘Working the Web” will be assessed in two weeks time; Art theory is completed and I’ll get my essay, ‘What did it mean to be modern in the inter-war period in Australia for artists and designers’, back tomorrow. I’ll have the opportunity to re-submit my essay if I get a really bad mark, but I doubt that I’ll have the time, so hopefully I got it right first time. Woodwork is the real nightmare: I have an essay to write on design, refering to the sculptor, Henry Moore, and I’ll include my thoughts about the work of an ANU Honours student, Jessica Wade, whose metal pieces really blew my mind, such that I’ve put down a $50 deposit on one of them, “Dynamism”. As well as this essay I still have two major pieces still to complete: the work bench and the ‘working surface with a drawer’. After a few discouraging results with my leg twisting, I’m back on track. I twisted another of my legs; it was a ‘quartered’ leg and there are problems about gluing the four lengths together after I take them out of the twisting jig. I seem to be getting gaps as well as nasty crumple points where the wood meets the holding points of the jig (shown in October 8th post). So their is a lot of cleaning up to do, using a scaper made from an old saw blade and shaped on a grinding wheel. I’ll take the 2nd leg out of the jig and tried twisting a single, solid wood leg. Hopefully I’ll be able to twist that without breaking the jig or the wood. If that works I’ll bend two solid legs to go with my two quartered legs. So what should I do with my visible glue lines? Should I try to conceal them by mixing up some glue and beechwood sawdust and filling it – bog it out, or should I highlight the lines by inserting some osage orange timber into the lines ? With all the energy and angst that I have put into the leg twisting I haven’t done any work on the other pieces of wood and I still have to cut up the drawer components.

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Web 2.0 Class

I have got my website up. Now I need to focus on my Web 2.0 assessment, to show how I have engaged with the medium. I need to build up my links with other sites, bring together my favourite blog sites onto a blogroll and set up the RSS reader so that I be aware when new posts have been published. It would be good if I could put up some comments as well. I also want to get my netvibes home page sorted

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Monday, bloody monday.

The term is rapidly drawing to a close. Got one of my essays back – the Bauhaus – with a High Distinction! My Art theory essay was completed on time, the only problem being that it was too long. Tomorrow I have a tutorial for Art theory so I have been putting together a pp presentation on John Brack. I’ve got a bit bored of the usual presentation which seem to be a rehash of the morning lecture, (as the student tutorial covers the same subject) so I’ve decided to cover the ‘Antipodean Manifesto’ (1959) in which seven figurative artists issued a declaration against the uncritical acceptance of abstract expressionism etc…I guess tht the whole controversy was more of a media beat up, or a publicity hook, because I don’t thing the controversy was meant to be a divisive as it turned out. At this point I would have liked to download an image of John Brack’s but my teacher, Sharon Boggins warned me that this would be a copyright infringement.

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Launched website

Finally with lots of help, nagging (from my beloved teacher, Sharron Boggins) a technical help phonecall, and an anonymous cast of thousands, I have my website up. You can find it here.

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Back on the blog

It’s the pointy end of the semester, when essays and assignments are due for assessment. Two essays completed, the Bauhaus and Australian modernism between the wars; still have to do a tutorial presentation on John Bracks and an essay on Design and the work of sculptor, Henry Moore. Then I have to give a Web 2.0 assessment presentation for ‘working the web’ and complete my 2 woodwork projects, the working surface with a drawer’ and the workbench.
So the work load  is getting quite intense.  Last week-end  I spent  my time building

Woodwork jig

building a new twisting jig. As you can see, the leg is inserted into the RHS holding crib, after steaming for about an hour and a half, and then the twisting crib, on the LHS is fitted over the other end of the leg.  The leg is plastic only while it is hot, so the process of getting it  into the jig has to be done quickly. Then the leg is twisted by turning the plywood board on the LHS.  When the right degree of twisting has occurred, in this case I  wanted a 90 degree twist, the  board is locked down by inserting bolts and thus fixing the twisting crib. The wood I’m using for the legs is European Beech, which is supposed to be good for bendin. I decided to split the leg into quarter lengths as I thought this might prevent the un-twisting that occurs. This decision seems to have caused a few headaches i.e. the leg becomes difficult to get into the jig, and then there is the problem of gluing the four sections back together.

Drying time is another problem: ideally the leg should be held in position for 2-3 weeks before gluing but I just don’t have the time. So far I can’t say that my experiment has given me the results that I’m after. I think that I’ll have to shape two more legs and this time I’ll try twisting them without splitting them into quarters. I’ll have to attach a long twisting arm to give the necessary leverage.

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Hi, its great to see your artwork. Need I say it, your media is soooo sweet.

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